If this service is valuable to you, it might be valuable to your colleagues.

Engaging your clients will lead to more visits per client, and more revenue for your practice without increasing your effort to attract new clients. Increasing retention rates increases practice profitability.

It's not about competing with the practice down the street.

We are all colleagues, and the real goal is to increase visits not by clients, but by pets. More frequent visits lets you take better care of your patients, leading to healthier patients, happier clients, and a better, more fulfilling practice.

And, just as your practice benefits when a current client refers a friend to you, our service benefits when you refer your colleagues to us. So, one of the first things we ask a new subscriber is how they found us, so that we can thank you appropriately.

The referral program is simple - for every hospital your refer, we give you a free month of service. What could be easier?