Make It Yours!

The goal is to reach out to your clients, from your hospital. We will make a template for each individual hospital, so that the structure is consistent. Your clients will know what to expect when they see you newsletter in their inbox each month.

To make your newsletter unique, we will add:

  • Your logo
  • Your newsletter title
  • A custom signature/footer

To further customize it, we can add some or all of the following:

  • A column written by you or an associate
  • An employee of the month
  • Pet photo of the month
  • Case of the month
  • Groom dog of the month
  • A "Thank you" for the clients that referred people to the practice (this might encourage your clients to refer their friends!)
  • A "Welcome to the practice" for new clients

A bit of a warning, though - if you want to do "anything of the month," you will need to supply the content, every month. I'm happy to personalize this as much as you want, but the beauty of the service is that you don't have to do anything.

  • Link to your local emergency hospital (great if they have "Click for a free magnet" link)
  • Personal milestones for your team - maybe your daughter got married or had a baby, or a team member is running his first marathon. These personal touches really help you connect with your clients!
  • Do you recommend a particular pet insurance company? We'll put a link to their website in your newsletter!

And of course we can add Social Media!

  • Link to your Facebook page, if you have one (you should!)
  • Link to your Twitter account
  • Link to your Google+ page

And these are just some of the ideas. If you and your staff have others, let us know!