Sending newsletters...

  • Strengthens your practice-client bond (and therefore retention!)
  • Increases referrals (sharing newsletters is easy)
  • Builds credibility
  • Differentiates your practice

You've thought about sending newsletters, but got distracted by all of the other things on your desk - client messages, unfinished charts (and bills, but let's not talk about that). You know the advantages of sending newsletters, but don't have the time to write content and layout a newsletter, much less figure out distribution.

Content creation? I'll handle that. Layout? I'll do that as well. Your customized practice newsletters will go out on the first day of every month, and you don't have to lift a finger...

"What do I have to do?" you ask? That's easy  - sign up for a free trial, provide some information about your practice and your logo, and that's it! I process subscriptions through Paypal but you do NOT need a Paypal account.


Newsletters come from your email address (not "<newslettersforvets> on behalf of <your-veterinary-clinic>")

Colors consistent with your website and/or other published materials - your choice.

You choose the name for your newsletter!


A preview of the included articles...

Your contact information...

Timely, relevant articles...


Not every article should be about medicine - we are trying to build/maintain your relationship with your clients...



Including an image is a great way to make your clients aware of your investment in ultrasound or digital radiography (and I will crop, edit and re-size your images for you, at no additional cost!)


This is completely optional, but a great way to pre-sell your services through a story (or just the image)

I would highly recommend using Mike LoSasso if you are considering starting an e-newsletter.  He is a seasoned veterinarian who knows his medicine, which I think separates him from others.  The initial set up process went very smoothly as he was very good at communicating with me what I needed to do.  The content that he supplies is very informative, the layout is very professional, and I have had numerous compliments from my clients thanking me for providing them with this monthly e-newsletter.  My clients find it very informative, and they love seeing their pet showcased in it. I was considering starting my own e-newsletter, but his fees are more than reasonable for the service that he provides, and it allows me to focus my time and energy on other things.  I am confident that anyone who uses Mike for their monthly e-newsletter will not regret it!

Sandra Kim, DVM, CVA
Lomita Pet Hospital
Lomita, CA





Short stories (featuring your special diagnostic talents) are a great way to make your clients aware of services they may not have considered otherwise. Acupuncture, cold laser, grooming, or even surgery could be showcased. Or combine with an image...


Information all of your clients need, like where to turn in case of an emergency...


Social media links...


Clients love seeing pictures of their beloved babies in your newsletter!


Logos for sponsors, rescue groups or anyone else can be featured (it is your newsletter, after all)...



Your photo and signature give the newsletter more credibility.


Even add your own thoughts (completely optional)...



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How do you know what "you" are going to say each month? A great question! In the middle of the month, I will send you preview copy of the next month's newsletter, to make sure that everything in your newsletter fits your philosophy, beliefs, and protocols. If you don't like something, I'll remove it. It really is that simple.

What qualifies me to write newsletters for your veterinary practice? My name is Mike LoSasso, and I've been a licensed veterinarian for more than 20 years. I've owned a general practice, and I've served as the Chief of Staff of two busy emergency hospitals in North Texas - in fact, I'm still seeing emergency patients full-time.

What are the fees? The first month is a free trial. There is a setup fee of $199 (charged after the trial period is over). If you want to cancel the service during the trial period, you pay nothing! I'm taking all the risk for you! After the trial period is over, the monthly subscription rate is only $169/month (and you can cancel at any time).

Questions? Concerns? You should have some! If the answers don't jump out at you on the Q&A page, call me! My phone number is 214-537-5579, and I'm happy to answer your questions.

You don't have anything to lose! Start your free trial NOW!

☑ YES, Please start our FREE trial!

Michael LoSasso, DVM
Founder and Editor-In-Chief